Earth offerings

There's a misconception for those who are creative, that the flow is always there, and it's effortless.  Often when you see someone posing their creations, you aren't seeing what goes into the process.  We all have a process, and some share it openly and others keep it sacred and private.

Neither way is right or wrong, because it's whatever works for that person; but it should be known EVERYONE has a process.  I see people stop themselves from trying to go on a creative adventure, because they think, 'If it doesn't just come to me, then it's not meant to be.'  

Sure there's a certain magic to those who can sit down and just create beautiful art that moves people, but I assure you there's a process there, even if they don't know it.  I am sure of this, because I was once on the other side looking at people and thinking, "Wow, look how they just create, I could never do that."

Now I get messages where others think the same about me.  Every time I get a message like this I'm reminded how much I need to share the process.  Share the moments where I'm staring at a blank canvas, a blank screen, an empty loom, or a pile of beads; with no clear direction in sight.  

I have found a process that works for me, and I wanted to share as it's something that I feel like everyone can incorporate into their lives.  Just as I mediate daily, I do walks in my yard daily.    Everyday I walk around, and everyday I notice something different & mind you we have less than an acre of land.  I find beauty in the leaves, the acorns, pine cones, pine needles, the feathers, the weeds growing wild, the different trees, the plants there on purpose, the ones there on accident, the ivy taking over different spots, the sun dancing through the leaves, etc. 

It doesn't take much space, and if you're capable of walking, going outside anywhere where there is nature can start this process for you.  I find a colored leaf that sparks a painting idea, a pine cone or an acorn I want to use for a mala (yes if you look in my shop there are some available with acorns and pine cones), or some wild flowers growing I want to dry for a weaving.  Maybe you're thinking, "Sure Hope, this works for you, you're Earthy."  

Yes, that's why it works for me; but don't forget we're all from the Earth.  All we need is the gentle reminder of how much she supports us, to use her as our muse.  I encourage you today to step outside in nature today, and look around.  What inspires you?  What do you find?  Then share it with me.  Remember if you have the ability to walk and see; this is a blessing that shouldn't be taken for granted.  If you have someone like Steve in your life maybe gather a collection of Earth offerings to show them, or take some photos.  Because we could all use some momma Earth healing.  

Earth's gifts I gathered today, as always to share her energy with Steve, but to capture a photo to share with y'all too. <3 

Earth's gifts I gathered today, as always to share her energy with Steve, but to capture a photo to share with y'all too. <3