New Moon, Winter Slow Writings.

I was going to wait until the new year to come back with the blog; for no reason aside from that's what people do this time of year, right?  Well, today felt better to me.  It's a new moon, and new moons often help me learn how to let go of something, in order to make room for something better.  I often feel the inspiration and motivation to start new projects on new moon days; so I utilize that energy as often as it comes. Because as we all know...eb & flow. 

Speaking of flow, I've been feeling so connected to the flow of nature lately, which is why I took a little break.  Some of it was forced between Steve getting sick, to me getting sick; but the rest was truly tuning in to feeling it was time to shut down and rest.  Of course, my life doesn't allow for true respite, which made this time off much more valuable and important.

I gained a lot of new perspective on the happenings of this year just in this past month alone. It was a year of hard lessons learned, and truths.  It was also one that truly put me in touch with the ground (it was heavy).  Of course winter solstice just started, and it is still a time to incorporate stillness, and shedding; so I won't be going full speed ahead on all those many ideas floating in my head just yet.  Learning to slow down.  Slow down judgement, reactions, mindless conversations, and the need to go to the point of burn out.  

Learning to relish some of this stillness of winter to carry it to balance me through the year. Balance. Balance. Balance. So yes, I'll be back to writing, and I definitely am itching to get creating again; I won't be adding much more on.  Because one of the fears I'm letting go is, scarcity mentality.  So often I look at what ALS, and feel that extreme preciousness of time, and think, "I can't waste it"; so therefore I take this to the extreme of thinking there's not enough time for anything.  I have so much I want to do, and as I lay down the notion, that I must do everything NOW, it allows me space to actually do.  Because before I was a hamster on a wheel, and couldn't understand why, despite my best effort to use every second wisely, I wasn't getting anywhere.

Message received.  I have time, slow down, breathe, balance, ground...  I hope you all have the chance this winter to slow down and allow life to really show you truths.  Share with me as you discover things.  Please know, that because I do require a large amount of "alone time" to stay on the light side of that ever moving line; I've stopped feeling like I had to respond to everyone. It became so overwhelming to me; I just had to stop all together to get some perspective. So know, I read every comment, and I will respond on those moments I have the time to put out.  Also know that I truly feel the love from each of you, and I am sending it back to you times 3. <3