A little follow up. At 11:15 PM.

Here I am 11:16 PM on a Friday night.  Maybe it's helping warm me up for staying awake tomorrow, but lately the words keep flowing around this time.  Today however, I decided to blog.  Because I am holding myself to balance and that means no blog weekends; however I have a follow up on the last blog.

I like this piggy back type blogging.  Maybe because it's easier, or it feels more like a conversation.  Either way, here's what you can expect for a blog written 45 minutes before midnight.

So I wrote earlier about acceptance, and what a valuable role it plays in my life today, and I got some pretty thought provoking feedback, that really made me want to go a little further in explaining my meaning of acceptance.

Here we go again an ALS example.  Yes we accept that ALS is going to run it's course, and like I mentioned in the last blog, it will keep throwing us over that cliff.  What maybe I should have gone further detail in was this; that doesn't mean we just stay down in the pitt.  We show up every single day putting our work in to be prepared for this war as much as possible.  

Same goes with Trump.  Sure I may not agree with maybe anything about him, I'm still searching; however I have to accept he's in the position he's in, and accept that it's time to warrior up and carry on as peacefully as I can.  

So yes, acceptance is key, but don't think it means you have to hunker down in a corner and cry.  Hell no, you accept this is the reality, and then you show up.  Everyday.