Happy New Year, part 1.

Somehow despite an inspired nights sleep (having to jump out of bed to write for hours, not a complaint here) and a sunrise wound care session, I feel energized today! So I'll take this energy and write part 1 of my new years blog.  No blog weekends is part of my balance, so you'll get part 1 today, and part 2 Monday. :) 

I know this opinion may not be the most popular, but despite some pretty challenging road blocks put in our way, 2016 was another year of blessings.

"But Hope, all those hospital visits; how can you even say that?  And Trump?"

First of all, Steve is still here.  That alone makes it all a blessing, and I'll get to Trump later. 

Seriously though, there was my PBS dream come true, our documentary DVD (haven't seen it? search HOPE for Steve under amazon or iTunes) , lots of home improvements, some really important great new connections, but the real take away is the hard lessons learned.  

To keep this short, I'll stick to the top 2.

  • You can't change the world, much like you can't change others.  You CAN however, change yourself; and maybe others and the world will follow.  I was putting so much energy into "changing the world", and was met with nothing but resistance, until it became very clear to me, that my job is to focus on me.  It is that simple, don't over complicate it. :) 
  • Trying to fight something that is happening, doesn't make it go away.  In terms of ALS, you can see that the complications were going to happen, despite all of our efforts for them not to.  At some point we had to learn to accept and learn to be okay with the random pushes off the cliff; just as important as us getting to choose to keep climbing back up.   It would be so easy, just to be defeated, and say, "hell, I'm done trying, it will just keep kicking us down."  Also, equally easy to sit around complaining about how unfair our circumstances are.  However, neither of those serve us well.  Of course we have our moments of "f this..." but thankfully we've learned staying there doesn't serve us well.  What does is putting our energy into learning to adapt to what is happening.  If anything this year did teach is it does get easier with practice. 

Insert Trump.  Yes, some of us would love to have different circumstances, but truth is we don't. So now if you want to be a part of helping make the Trump ride manageable for yourself and others, accept it.  Once you accept it, you'll be surprised at the many creative ways you can actually turn an unfortunate situation into being okay.  Of course if you want to continue to view this situation as unacceptable, that's fine too, but you'll only be hurting yourself.  

Truth is, the year was one that revealed truths that most didn't want to see, and it was one that presented some heavy situations, to either help you get really grounded down, or to spiral out. The outcome, despite what way you look at it, is on you.  So I get it.  Even in situations I feel completely out of control, trying to grab control of people, circumstances, etc isn't the answer. Controlling myself and my reactions is.  

What were your hard lessons learned? Share here.  I would love to start a dialogue.