That bee was speaking to me.

I struggled with something today, that to some it may appear silly.  A bumble bee came and landed on my altar recently, and it hadn't moved in some time, that I assumed it had passed over, and was just looking for a spot to do it.  It was a really powerful symbolic message, and if you've ever read any of the book, Animal Speaks by Ted Andrews, I'm sure you've gotten similar animal messengers. 

Today I noticed this beautiful being moved, and at first glance I thought, "Oh it fell over." Then watching closely I noticed the slightest movement.  Instantly my human instinct to kill the bee, kicked in.  The thought of, "It's suffering I have to put it out of it's misery right," but something stopped me.

Steve, without knowing it stopped me.  If you've followed my blog these past 5 years, you know I will run she wolf on anyone who suggests, "It's time you let Steve go," usually in reference of he's suffering, let him cross over.  These innocent strangers of course don't "intend" to hurt me to my core, with these words, but the truth is they do.  I don't know if I've really looked too much into it, besides my ever common response of, "Don't take away how beautiful it is that Steve gets to choose how far he goes on this ALS journey."  

This bee today showed me something a little deeper and significantly more meaningful.  I believe that bee, just like Steve could decide to let go.  Something felt very powerful in that this bee was choosing to sit with it's suffering, as Steve does as well.  Because on the other side of whatever suffering there may be, is something beautiful coming or by simply sitting and being in suffering you are helping others.  

Now of course, don't take this to the extreme end (reference blog yesterday on how extremism will trip you up), and think that means you don't help animals you see abandoned, or you don't get upset at mistreatment of an animal or another person.  Yes, there are times you step in, and you stop.

This is a different level, this is bigger than you, me, or that person/being suffering.  This is about what them experiencing their suffering for us to to see, does for us.  Us in this example is the collective. What this suffering is bringing to them, what light is on the other side, and what it teaches us about sitting in our discomfort; whatever it may be.  For this little bee, today it was to be carried outside to allow nature to take it's course.  If I see this thing barely hanging on for life after being in it's own habitat sure maybe then I'll do my "kindness", but this one doesn't feel up to me.