Bird and Paint Medicine

I finally got into the studio to paint, hence why this blog is a little later today.  I had been craving a day of paint medicine.  I walked into discovering a bird had passed away in my shed. To think that bee I put outside yesterday survived, and today I loose an animal.  I of course cried, and gave the bird a proper burial and prayed it to be in peace.  There are feathers in the painting, I found the babe on; which I will be keeping, and keeping the feathers there to honor it.  

I ended up having a rather lovely painting afternoon after that, it was good to release some emotions I had building up with that cry, and painting always brings me back to joy.  I was thinking about how artists, have these moments where they don't do anything, but follow inspiration.  When it's nice that's me wandering around in the trees or flowers, getting grounded.  In winter, it's strolling through the house allowing the many spaces in my house to inspire me.  It's spending hours watching birds and squirrels and wind, sunlight shows to really reconnect me to natures flow.  

Today's paint session truly felt like the bird was giving me some love and peace, in return for asking some for it; in that it gave back to me a lovely afternoon of Steve resting comfortably and peacefully and me being able to splash colors on whatever was in my path.  

If you're an artist, and you've beaten yourself up for spending too much time starring at a flower, or a piece of art on your wall, or the way the sun dances in the wind; don't.  It's a beautiful part of you, that helps you connect with all that's ready to come out and shine light on the world.