sweet devotion....

Watching the sun lowering behind the trees, feeling the breeze blowing through my hair, and hearing the birds serenade me; I sit outside to soak up this gift of a January 70 degree day.  It was one where garden drawing and soil learning took priority to blog/book writing; but alas here I am, showing up. :)

Devotion: The love, loyalty, or enthusiasm for a person, place, or thing.  

Often times when people hear the word devotion they think of: relationships or spirituality; which is really the only place I ever had such a space for showing up.  It's only recent that I've been able to cultivate the same devotion for all of my life.  It took understanding that, without action, none of my goals or hopes for my life will ever come into fruition.  In order to find my way to show up everyday, I had to find devotion. 

At first, I felt silly to consider applying such a beautiful thing, like devotion, to simple tasks, like blogging daily, studying, or creative pursuit; but now I feel silly to ever think not to.  Without anything to ground me in a routine/ritual, I found easy excuses not to show up.  For instance today, I would have easily skipped sitting down to write this blog, because my time outside was too enjoyable.  

Devotion, helps me realize that as easy as it is to make an excuse, it's just as easy to pick up my laptop and take it outside to write. It really is that simple.  

If you are finding it hard to show up for yourself, or someone else in any capacity; find the devotion.  The definition itself guides you how.  Love.  It's all about love.  My hopes, desires, and really me; I deserve my devotion as much as Steve and God do.  

I would love to hear from y'all!  What areas do you need to find more devotion in?  Have you recently discovered this same thing?  If so, where were you needing to show up?  

Love you all-happy weekend-see you Monday. <3