A word for the strong ladies out there, and it's not the B one.

This will be my last post for the week, as my Momma is coming in tomorrow for the weekend! :) YAY!

So many things floating through my mind to blog about, but with this weekend being the women's march, I'm feeling the pull to write on strong females.  I used the word "bitch" in Monday's blog to describe myself, as I was talking about some resentment with Steve; and the response stirred up some words.

As women, we are taught to keep our opinions to ourselves if they aren't "nice" and that if we speak up for ourselves, we're bitches.  I almost didn't even realize I still had it so ingrained into my being; until female after female spoke on how speaking your truths, and acknowledging your own feelings certainly didn't make them describe me as a bitch.

So why was it something I thought of?  Well, lets start with the fact that upon me saying those words, I was immediately called a bitch by Steve.  I'm not throwing him or all you men under the bus here; the fact is WE ARE ALL conditioned to think like this, men and women.  

Why?  What is it about a woman who speaks her mind that automatically lumps her in the B word category?  Perhaps it's years and years of women being oppressed, to be made to feel like they aren't allowed opinions.  I consider it a privilege that I am able to write a blog sharing my thoughts and feelings so freely; because not too long ago that wouldn't be possible.  Even still it's 2017,  and it is that way for many females out there, scared to speak their minds because it's literally life or death.

I've come to realize that it doesn't matter what side of this weird forced divide you are on, and what any of us want to see happen in our world, it won't until we all start seeing EVERYONE as equal. Meaning we all have rights, freedoms, our safety, opportunities, ... I can keep going, but I believe you're all smart enough to get it.  

Some scary changes will be happening this year, but I am not without hope.  In fact, I've never felt more hopeful.  Look I know we have a long way to come together, but like the great Joseph Campbell said, "You can't cook an omelet without breaking eggs."  This break in our world, is now an opportunity.  For us to stand up for what is right, and hopefully in the end we slowly start to come together. 

Call me a feminist, a hippie, an idealist, a dreamer; hell whatever, just don't call me a bitch; and I won't either.  Because, it's time for us all to learn to be able to stand in our truths, and feel okay with the response even if it's negative. 

Also, because I feel this is important to include: Yes, Steve knows I'm sharing his words in this blog, and immediately after saying this he pleaded for forgiveness. Steve's truths are just as valid as mine, and in that moment that's how he felt.  He also said to add, "You're right the word Bitch and it's meaning is definitely an ingrained thing for us, one i'll work to break. We wouldn't be able to survive this if you weren't a strong female." 

And there you have it.