Happy New Year, part 2.

Hello 2017.   It's genuinely good to see you! :) .  I know a lot of people are full of resolutions; but I went the intention route this year.  Mostly based on how I want to feel.  

What's the difference?  

Resolution: a firm decision to do or not do something.

Intention: a deliberate plan that's full of purpose. 

Resolutions have always felt very "I'll quit smoking after this pack" to me, but an intention I find the devotion I need to follow through.  For 2017, I want more action, more leading with love, more inspired living, more intentional and balanced being.  

I had my personal ceremony (and one with Steve) to write some intentions for the year.  Most I will keep to myself; because 2016 really showed me I give too much of myself out, that I forgot to keep some for me.  Doing so allowed me to see,  how I can INTENTIONALLY be generous with my light.

I have one thing I've really wanted to do for a while, and an idea finally clicked.  I've wanted to give some love and light to other ALS caregivers, and have always come up short with how to do just that.  So here it is.  For every painting I sell I will paint a floral/bouquet/tree painting that will be on a small piece of recycled wood from our backyard for a caregiver. I am going to be taking nominations.  

If you want to nominate someone (yes you CAN nominate yourself), email me : hope.ann.cross@gmail.com.  I will then make a list, and send them out in order, for every painting I sell.  There is no guaranteed turn around time, but when you do write let me know floral/tree.  

Few other intentions I'll share for the year:

  1. Continue to learn to use food as medicine for both Steve and myself.  
  2. Continue herbalist path.
  3. Write it down. (All of the words).
  4. Self care.
  5. Balance balance balance.

I'm always thankful for an opportunity to pause and reflect on what's working, and maybe not working; and then set intentions to continue forward.  As much as times just a way to keep up with one another, I appreciate the reminder to check and balance.  In short, I want a year of living fully on purpose.