I get it from my momma...

This weekend as I watched my mom power through pain to help me carry a pallet up my yard, despite me being insistent I could do it alone, it demonstrated something I desperately needed this odd weekend. No complaints, just a stumble here, an apology for needing to sit down there, or me reminding her to stop.

As I watched her carry on in whatever direction I took us on for that hour, she mirrored something for me. I'm often sharing some of my areas of growth, because writing helps me process, after a weekend with her however, my strengths feel like they have a little spot light on them.  

It's strength.  Its grace.  It's drive. Perseverance. It's in understanding that if you can keep the mind right the body will follow. It's the energy you can muster up when you're in the flow. Especially when you're in it with someone you love.

My mom may have severe pain from advanced arthritis, but it's not stronger than her spirit. This same spirit is the same spirit, that reminds me that everyone deserves a chance, that love is stronger than hate, and that even when the world seems like it's falling apart I can keep going forward.  

There's this special magic she instilled in me, one that I went most of my life without noticing, it's in knowing that whatever I pursue, no matter how challenging; if I'm in, I can do it.  She never necessarily spoke those words to me, it was more in her actions.  I'll write in this much more detailed in my book; my mom didn't have easy circumstances pretty much my entire childhood, but she always found the answer to problems, she always moved forward, I never saw her stuck in any problem.  Even if all she knew to do was pray (much more important than I ever gave it credit for during those times), she knew she would find a solution, and she always did. 

While, I was feeling the world's energy pretty intensely this weekend, my mom was there to remind me, it wasn't mine.  That discernment in knowing which paths to get taken down, and which ones just aren't meant for me; is something without her knowing she demonstrates seamlessly.  The balance of standing up for what you believe in with respect for others beliefs, the knowing that you can still care deeply for others and keep yourself in focus. 

So thanks mom, if there was every a weekend I needed you and your grounded grace, it was this one. <3