Garbage in garbage out.

Garbage in garbage out.  

My mom used to say this phrase to us, as her explanation for us not being allowed to watch, read, or listen to something she didn't find appropriate.  Despite her best attempts, she couldn't shield us from bad things happening to us, but she could shield us from feeling the overwhelm of the worlds problems.

We didn't watch the news, or most any shows any of our friends did because odds are it had some sort of violence, or the innocent sexuality that was shown in the 90's, or some music mom thought was written for Satan.  

Despite the sheltered feeling, we obviously were allowed to interact with kids around us, and ran around our little corner of the world freely; because mostly we were hanging out with trees more than people (at least I was), or it was my brother having to drag his little sister around.

They were simpler times and it felt easier to absorb than today.  I'm here to remind you all that we AREN'T made to be able to take on all of the world's problems.  It's too much for one person.  Finding that discernment on how much you will expose yourself, is just another one of the many sweet little lessons my mom instilled in us, without really know how much it would benefit me today.  

I don't want to watch a bunch of garbage, and as much as I find it important to be an informed citizen; I know I can't try to take it all on.  This is where our current days are confusing us. There's some polarization's happening that I see making people feel like they have to carry every heavy event happening right now. 

YOU DON'T HAVE TO participate in it ALL.  Trying to take on the entire weight is too much, and it's paralyzing.  It usually leads to the overwhelm that sends me running to hide from the internet. Here's what I have seen, those who are focused on one issue, know it inside and out, and can speak to anyone without being triggered because they are so well versed; those are the ones truly making huge strides in our world!

So yes, you may feel it all because those who are alive and really awake can't help but feel it all; but you don't have to take it all on.  Choose which is yours, and never stop educating yourself. Learn it so well inside and out, that you can learn to talk to those who oppose you.  

This is the time y'all, for us to cultivate some of the most bad ass leaders across the board, that knowledge wins over opinions, truths win over financial gains, our voices begin to carry a little more weight; because we carry more power.  Because right now our biggest power is knowledge.  Part of that is discerning where to put your attention.  I know where mine is.  Do you?