Simple exercise to start your week.

Here's a simple blog today.  The whole world needs this one today.  

Immediately after reading this, close your eyes, (because I really hope you aren't reading this and driving;)) and proclaim 5 things you're grateful for.  If you don't feel full of joy for your blessings after 5 do 10, 15, 20...however many you need to do.

Now, I know some are quickly going to answer with 1 of 2 things.  Hope, I don't have anything going well in my life right now OR Hope, how can I be thankful when the world has so many others hurting?

1. You do have things going well, it's perspective.  If you are awake, have the ability to move your body, breathe on your own, speak, eat, and leave your house; there's an easy 6.  If you don't I can almost guarantee I don't have to tell you to be thankful, Steve's one of the most gracious people I know.  

2. There certainly are a lot of people out there suffering, and it is hard to see and not feel like we have to carry their suffering.  Trust me I get it.  However, you owe it to them to recognize how blessed you are.  You owe it to them to revel in the magic that is your freedom to think whatever you want even if it means you get into Facebook fights with your family!  Recognizing your blessings, also puts into perspective that no matter what you feel about anything going on in the world, we all deserve the freedom to be who we are.  

Okay, now that we are feeling thankful for our blessings, I have one final request : SHOW LOVE to someone today, someone that you find hard to show love to normally.   

That's it, short and simple.  If you read this and it helped you shift perspectives today, share it.  Because you never know who needs to hear this. <3