Hello distraction, always good to see you...or is it?

Today, as I try to distract myself from the discomfort I feel, about the threat of winter weather in the south; a clear habit that I would like to let go of showed itself.  It's been a minute since I've gotten into one of those facebook discussions, that aren't discussions, more just typing at one another; but here I sat today engaging in it.

There's a wise quote, "Not everything deserves your attention," that I like to use as a mantra on a regular while using social media.  Social media unnerves me, in a way where people see your interactions and maybe read a blog or two, and they assume they know you.  It's also a valuable tool.  Not just in the way that it helps me connect to others and build community, but it also is the gentle nudge when I'm off balance.  IE: Participating in a conversation that to me isn't a positive use of my time.  Today, while it was an innocent exchange, the truth is I should have been using the time elsewhere. 

I really want to cultivate habits that support my goals, and spend my energy on actions that are aligned with purpose, and that requires me being able to call myself out when I am falling into distraction.  

For those interested in the winter weather; Atlanta (we live in the burbs) just doesn't handle winter weather well.  I'm sure most already know this from the several times we've ended up in the news with people stranded, roads unmanageable (not a whole lot of tax dollars being spent on salt and plow trucks), and power outages.  So how does that affect us hermit-ted away in our nice little corner?  We heavily rely on power (ventilator & 02), so the chance of it going out of course stirs a little anxiety in me.

Of course, in Steve's situations of panic attacks, it's important to help him come out of living in that feeling so intensely; but in mine the anxiety is actually there to serve a purpose.  Instead of just finding a distraction or a happy pill, to numb it, it calls for action, to assure we are prepared.  So with that, we have a small generator (2-3 hours depending on wattage use), 6 hours total battery on Steve's vents, a half tank of gas in our car with a converter plug that can charge; along with 5 O2 tanks with roughly 2-2.5 hours in each.  

Now that I'm prepared, and as the weather starts, it's time to show up for myself.  To trust God and the universe to protect us, and trust in myself to be able to problem solve and act if needed.  I will be on social media this weekend to keep everyone in the loop on our winter weather adventure, but once we are in the clear; it is time for my new years break.  Don't worry the blog is back to stay, it's one that is feeling very well aligned. :)