If I can accept responsibility, I promise you can too; you can handle this.

I have always felt a sense of responsibility for doing anything I could to help; to help people, our planet, the collective well being, etc.  This responsibility is one of the first solid pieces of my personality that I can identify.  It's a large reason why I was able to chose love and marry Steve, and let go of any bit of fear that would try to stop me. 

I stepped into this role very well aware of the responsibility it would take, and was totally up for it. I never knew how to prepare for something like this, but just trusted I would figure it out. In the midst of some of our craziest times, I would be given little gifts of knowing how to handle it. I pulled from every stage of my life and the lessons they provided me. When I was able to take a step back, I was given clear insight on how my entire life has prepared me for this moment.  It's the reason I am on that up hill trudge of book writing, and why I blog; why I share so much of my life and what we have going on in this moment. 

This blog is often all over the place, speaking out about more than just ALS or what affects JUST US, because I follow the pull I have come to trust, it guides me well.  I've never had such an understanding of why I am where I am in my life.  It's probably why I am able to take in so much, and still shine light, because it's what I'm created for.

Now, as I stand here on the same level as you, because I'm not on a pedestal; I'm here with you, I want to ask you to look me in the eye.  Can you please look at me, and tell me are you showing up fully?  To me showing up, isn't about me.  It isn't about what's best for me.  Trust me I have learned balance with self care and having to show up for myself; but that will never mean that other people stop mattering.  Showing up, is understanding how every person matters.  

This also goes into animals and the planet.  Showing up, means you realize that we are given voices, and capabilities not just to have followers, notoriety, or making something pretty; It's to use those things to stand up for the greater good for ALL OF US.  Not just for you.  That's not showing up fully to life.  

If someone else is being shown injustice, it does directly impact me which will then impact everyone who follows me, which will then spread in what direction they take it; leading to a ripple effect.  The ripple effect is God's way to try to remind us that whether we are willing to see it, we ARE connected.  Same goes with our planet, if you're disconnected you might believe it's out of our hands but I promise with the rate of people just accepting more drilling, fracking, oil, etc you will have to face this problem a lot sooner than you could prepare for.  I also promise that if we ALL did something about it, we could slow this all down.  We can't forget our role we play in all of this. We can't forget our responsibilities.  

I feel the speed at which we are moving, and as hard as we all are trying to stand firm in our positions, the world's shaking us up.  It's shaking everyone awake.  If you aren't awake yet, just give it time, all of what is happening WILL impact you.  So what do we do with this responsibility?  Do we simply share articles that prove our point or are we being a part of the change.  

There's a reason I'm studying gardening/repairing soil and herbs so much, there's a reason I'm on my hustle game to try to get enough money to invest into these renewable s out there. There's a reason I'm sitting here taking time from my day to blog.  There's a reason I'm tuning into myself and my needs while I still exert large amounts of energy to show up for others. There's a reason Steve and I use our little platform in this world to speak up. 

I know that by me accepting the responsibility it reminds you, of how capable you are of doing the same.  You all may look at me like I'm some crazy person, or maybe a super hero; but you are JUST AS CAPABLE, you are just as powerful, and you have just as much of that super hero in you.  I just was given the gift of seeing it in myself.  So please, now that you're doing looking at me, look at you.  Look at how much YOU CAN DO.