Spring Blossoms and Journeys Inward.

Well, hello there. :)  I'm back.  Thanks for understanding my need for a step away.  I know there is this push for us to always be speaking our truths, and always pushing forward in the resistance; but truthfully there's a need to focus on YOU as well.  So if you're like me and need to step away time and again, don't let the world make you feel bad about it.


Sometimes the only thing that makes sense in this noisy world is to shut it all out, and turn inward.  Asking yourself, am I on track with my desires for my life?  Am I living my truth, or one the world is trying to put on me?   It is easy to get lost in the noise, and to forget who YOU are. In times like these where everyone has an opinion, and you're hearing so many different people speak out, it's easy to get influenced by everyone around you.  

I have a sure tell test I use to determine if I'm in my truth or someone else's; it's to sit for 10 minutes in silence and then ask myself, "Where did this truth come from?"  If it came from an article I read on the internet, or a facebook post, or a conversation you had with friends, is it mine?  Not necessarily.  I believe a lot of us just feel caught up in the passion of those around us, and forget to think, 'do I align with this thought?'  'Is this really something I feel passionately about?' Of course, these things can educate us, and help us to truly adapt to new ways of thinking; but if we don't take the time to ourselves to process all the information being handed to us, how do we know?  

I've noticed the times I am able to make the most positive impact on the world, is when I'm aligned with my truths, when I speak on issues I'm knowledgeable and passionate about; instead of if I just regurgitate some information I read in an article, not knowing if I truly understood the point.  So while you may notice some of your favorite people you follow are maybe being more silent, more precise with their words or actions; it's because it takes work to be able to keep that light shining.  I find myself drawn to those practicing discernment in what they post about, and not just spreading more anger and fear.  

There's obviously a lot going on around us, really there always has been, it just hasn't always been in our faces like things are these days.  There is a need for people to be leading in action, standing up for injustices they see, and using their voices to educate; but it needs to come from a grounded place.  Yesterday's new moon and eclipse was a great time to let go of something that is no longer serving us, to make room for what does.  What in your life is stopping you from leaping forward in growth?  What's stopping you from your goals, or the life you desire for yourself? 

This moon reminds us, that in days like today, action will speak louder than words.  Speak as much as you would like to, but follow it with action.  Silence is an underused tool, that I find myself familiarizing with.  It's easy to speak about what you don't like, but it takes courage to show up and do something.  It takes knowledge to know what to do, follow through to do it, and consistency to alchemize this action into something tangible.  Taking what we see as unjust in the world, and turning into a way for us to spread light, is my kind of revolution.  It's the revolution that will stick.  It's showing up for your friends again, it's volunteering with a cause that we are passionate about, it's about being mindful to our surroundings and speaking up if we see injustice, it's showing kindness to everyone regardless of where they stand, it's following up our words with actions, it's education, and listening, and taking time to breathe.

If you're feeling overwhelmed, or like you can't possible participate in action; maybe you need to spend some time inward.  When is the last time you sat in silence, even if you're not meditating but not filling yourself with news, and news feeds, and TV dramas?  When is the last time you checked in with how you felt about something, or picked up a pen and jotted down all those thoughts in your mind?  When is the last time you created something, or spent time outside, or gave yourself love?  If it's been a minute, take some advice from me, don't wait until you reach burn out; like I often have in the past.  Being in tune with your needs, will go a long way in being in tune with those needs around us.  

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