How my one day without social media changed my life.

Yes you read that right.  I went 24 hours without any social media. 

Normal everyday: Wake up, check on Steve, Steve's still sleeping.  I pick up my phone, play on Facebook for 20 minutes, replying to 40 things and getting annoyed at the timeline.  I move on to Instagram for 30 minutes, check the comments, check the latest posts, and search my favorite people (yes so dedicated the search happens occasionally).  Then on to tumblr for 15 minutes, checking for something to strike my eye, then the mail box dings, reminding me that I have to clear the mailbox full of junk mail.  Of all the emails I keep 1 of 60 on average.  Then Steve wakes up.  Of course I'm focused on only Steve when I'm taking care of him, but that is literally the only time.  I'm even face booking in my sleep these days.  Of course while someone is here we are instragraming, I'm constantly facebooking while watching whatever is on TV or netflix in the evening,  & the obligatory photo of my evening yoga or whatever "set" I created that day.  

If you really know me you even know my nickname is Mrs. Facebook.  I used to justify it, "Oh I need to stay in touch with my family," or, "It's my job, we having a following, we live off these paintings, this DVD is a dream, etc."  Now obviously social media is always going to play a large part of my life, but I felt the need for balance.  I felt overly involved in social media, whether it be promoting Steve & I (sounds so tacky right), or  feeling like I know someone simply because we are friends on social media.  I have great real life visits with so many incredible people, I need to be more present in those moments.  

This day has been an enlightening and empowering experience.  I would go for my phone and immediately be brought back into the present moment.  I was so focused on everything I was doing.  Proved the theory right, I experienced very minimal ADD.  I got so much done in such a short time, I was efficient...not just efficient, everything was done well.  I feel empowered that I set my intentions on something and I followed through, I feel enlightened in the simple sense that I really can control my scatter brain, cluttered ways.  Granted this will be a process and will require regularly scheduled social media breaks in order to clear the mind again, but this is a life changing start.  

The realization.  The ah ha moment.  After all, that enlightened feeling is one of life's greatest feats. When is the last time you unplugged?