Change your perspective...change your world.

As of now everyone's heard of the glass half full or empty lesson.  Some people laugh it off, "Who cares just drink it.."  Some people no matter how well life goes, always sees it as empty.  Some even when the cup is actually empty still see the last drop in that glass. 

We all have a choice how we see life.  We can choose to seek out the beauty that the world has the offer and allow it to take our breath away.  We can also choose to focus on the bad that exists all around us.  

Do you walk into a garden and notice the 1 dying plant before you see the hundreds of blooming beautiful flowers?  Do you curse nature for allowing rain to take the petals off of trees, or do you stand outside and allow the rain and petals fall on your face?

If you choose what you see can excite you and motivate you every single day.  It can just as equally discourage you and bring you down.  

Some say it's so easy to see the negative, it's there right in our face.  How can we miss it?  Sure. Maybe it is.  I'm here to tell you though, the positive is just as easy if you try.  

If you're one of those who already finds the beauty out there naturally!  Give yourself a high five or a hug! Keep doing it and I promise it's having a positive influence on our world.  <3 

If you struggle, and YOU WANT to see more of the good, I have an exercise for you.  After you read this, go outside and find 5 things that are beautiful.  Seriously, stay out there until you find it.  Soak in the beauty and repeat this exercise everyday and add 1 a day.  Until you find yourself outside in marvel of how beautiful everything really is.

It is that simple.  You CAN train your mind to seek out the good, IF you want to.  This doesn't mean you ignore all bad things until it comes crashing down around you, it just helps you have a better perspective while facing the bad.  Yes one of my 50 plants are dying, it's okay.  It doesn't mean I should give up trying to grow food, herbs, and flowers because one didn't make it.  If all I noticed was that one plant, I might quit.  It happens all the time.  

So yes, some days bad things happen, but even then, the world has 109083408397's of really life changing, mind blowing, great things as well.  Let's see more it.