Nurse Aide

Nurses and caregivers are some of the best people in the world.  Taking care of our sick loved ones, taking care of us, taking care of their families, and them.  Managing it all with grace.  

I feel like sometimes they don't get enough credit, although since being Steve's been diagnosed I have seen ways in which nurses do get some of the love they deserve, but a group of people I see not getting as much attention is nurses aides.  

They might be some of the most undervalued people around.  

Have you ever tried to give a completely paralyzed, vented, 160 pound man a bath by yourself.  As you struggle to get him turned, through tears from both parties, putting your knee in his back to keep him turned, you first make sure trache isn't being pulled because the vent does that EVERY time you move them, trying your best to prop his unstable neck/head on a pillow, and not opening up the 30 just closed wounds by simply brushing it into something.  Then you have the issue at hand.  The BM, that made you have to turn him to begin with.  With one hand and leg supporting his body you're on one leg and with one hand you have to clean up a not so solid BM.  

Facts aren't always pretty y'all.  But with an aide, it goes from battle to a peaceful, successful, much needed, deep cleaning.  Time to put into wound care and bandaging and the right positioning post bath to prevent future break downs.  The moral support while the patient may still experience pain, is the most comforting things for a carer.  It's as equally satisfying to have help to comfort your loved one as it is to get them REALLY clean.  

If you're an aide, let me tell you, I love you.  Truly.  You have a tough job, yet most of you make us feel calm while we are experiencing some rough stuff together.  I guess that's why you become family so quickly, in times like these.  We have a few friends & Steve's parents who have come to help me clean Steve, and those that may not be blood related, we're still family (Thank you Jeremy, Meredith, Jason, Meredith 2, Camille, & Garrett xox).