This afternoon i'll be doing a new listing for Hopie Hippie, as I took the first part of the year off to get Steve & I healthy.  

It feels good to be creating more regularly again and to see people get joy, peace, love, etc from my creations.  

As a creator I see first hand the comparisons that happen. The, "Oh this person makes these too, you should check her out, see how you can improve yours..."  These comparisons seem innocent, until you say it to someone who already feels inadequate because they don't feel like they can compete in this vast creative world.  

I'm here to tell you no matter how much your creations look or don't look like someone else, you keep making from the heart.  As long as it comes from a place of love and something deep in yourself, you do you.  

Your creations are a piece of you, they are special, and they are enough.  You don't need to compare your work to anyone else.  As long as you are putting in YOUR own thoughts and energy to the creation that's enough.

I hope one day instead of holding yourself to a standard based on how someone else does something, we ALL learn to hold ourselves to OUR VERY OWN standards.  

My standard is this: Make something that makes me feel something.  That invokes an emotional response and that I can feel the love I put into it.  Then, put it out in the world, knowing someone out there will see it and feel connected to it, and buy it.  It's not about the money; nor is it about, does my so and so creation look better than there so and so.  It's, did my creation add some light to their lives? Did it make them happy?  Do they feel the love?  If so, then my creation has reached the right person.

Aside from taking care of Steve, creating new things that help add light, love, color, zest, happiness, and positive energy to the world, brings me belly fulls of happiness.  That's what it's all about. :)  *clap clap*