Rid the negative self talk

Often, I've tried to stop myself from gossiping, or judging others.  I would find myself thinking negatively about someone and catch myself, or I would be with a group of friends, and catch myself gossiping about someone that wronged me, or simply annoyed me.  Realizing I didn't want to be putting that energy out there, I've made an effort to rid the judgment gossip talk.  

However, never did it dawn on me to stop that sort of talk about myself.  I just kept right on in, with the, "You're so spacey."  "No wonder you messed that up, you hot mess."  "Don't mind me just loosing my mind today." "Oh you look like a mess!"  "Ugh, I suck" (this one happened at least 100 times a day when I would forget something). I could keep going but you get the point.

It's not enough to just stop the negative talk about others, you have to stop it with yourself.  How we talk to ourselves influences our lives more than we realize.  

I started to pay attention to how I was speaking to myself and how my days would go. 

On days where I started the day saying, "I'm so spacey today, I can't focus on anything and I doubt I'll get anything done, I'm just an idiot."  I would have spacey days where I really couldn't focus on anything.  I would get frustrated at everyone mostly myself, and the negative self talk just brought me lower and lower.

Then on days when I would start the day saying, "I'm amazing and  capable of conquering whatever life throws at me today. I'm strong, focused, and powerful."  I would get so much done, with ease and focus.  I would enjoy the moments I was in and really felt capable and strong.  

Why do we work on how we talk to others, but not on self talk?  I'm pleading with you, if you haven't started to try to talk nicer to yourself, do so now!  Watch how a little self love can completely change our lives.  The positive affirmations you say to yourself can change based on your needs that morning, be creative with it; but try it!  

Some great affirmations to try:  
I'm so intelligent, I'll change the world with my mind! 
I am strong and capable, and will do great at everything I set out to do today.
I am focused and can accomplish everything I want with ease. 
I am beautiful damnit!
I am love, and will show love to everyone I come in contact with today; especially myself.
I am talented, and today I will use my talents to add light to the world!
I am passionate and with my passions I could cure illnesses using my voice.
I am awesome. :)  


I love you all.  xo