Garbage in, garbage out...

I would like to start a new movement.  I know, I know another movement.  Everyone's doing it, right? Well, that's because the truth is, behind all the muddied up garbage that gets into our news feeds, is the good that's really out there.  Just being hidden. There's been a ton of movements of this in the past but I don't know why they won't last.  Do we really like to hear all the negative that much?  My momma used to say something to my brother and I growing up, "Garbage in, garbage out."  

So here we have it.  People are being fed these GARBAGE stories to create more hatred and division in our world, and they are totally forgetting how much beauty there is left.  Now instead of seeing people speak of goals or hopes, they are speaking of why the world isn't supporting these dreams. Instead of a news feed of positive stories of the thousands out there doing great work, it's full of hatred on another person.  Mainly political nonsense.  Don't even get me started on the news.  I've said it 100 times, unless you're actually watching a source just giving facts and allowing you to make your own judgment, you're being TOLD directly what to think and feel.

I say it's time we take our minds back.  I say it's time we start to remember the beautiful things in our world.  This isn't to ignore the true issues that need addressed, but if you look closely at those out their doing true activism you will see people making HUGE differences for our world.  Because they are out there with passion and love, and doing their own thinking, instead of being told what to think. There's always going to be the one apple on that tree that's rotten, and depending on how you look at the tree you could see the whole thing as bad, and miss out on the abundance of good left.  I say it's time we stop giving that bad apple our attention. 

I've been guilty of it, innocently sharing the news story spreading hatred and fear.  What is it solving?  It's not actually us being informed on what's going on in our world, it's us being scared.  Because from where I sit, yes the bad apples are there, but there's so so so much more beautiful, ripe, juicy, sweet apples ready for the picking.  

If anyone's taught me about finding the silver lining, it would be Steve.  As he was loosing more and more of his body he would often say, "Hey i'll never loose my heart or mind."  A beautiful reminder that even though people are trying to pump us full or negative much like the chemicals I spoke of a few blogs back, we can still control our hearts and mind, and shut off the noise.

Here's what I propose:

There's 2 sides to this.

1. DON'T watch the news, hide the politics from your feeds, take a step back from all of it.  Truly stop allowing all the negative being pushed on you for 1 week.  Give yourself the space to truly think on your own and ask your heart and mind what you think is right, instead of allowing some man or woman on the TV decide it for you.
2. FIND THE GOOD.  I would recommend the hashtag #butimstillblessed but I know the last thing people are going to do is another hashtag.  This doesn't have to be publicized even.  Cultivate a practice of gratitude again.  I like to start and end everyday with 5 full minutes of expressing gratitude.  It's the most important thing I've ever implemented into my daily routine, and one I will continue to do no matter where we are.  

Let's give our attention to the good again.  If you want to share it in your personal life please do, if you want to share others out there doing it, just as awesome.  Please, let's remind ourselves that even though there are some heavy issues in our world, there is more love.  Love will win if that's what we give our attention to.  Feeding these negative stories with our attention only gives the fire more power.  I won't be a part of this raging fire that's trying to tear us all apart. 

I want a movement of feeding the good wolf.  Collectively.  If you're with me, share this.  Share good stories only on your feeds.  Share good news in your life.  Share only love.