Pause, snuggle, and breathe

For me there's nothing more important than routine, maybe other than a break in routine.  Seeing that we look at the same art covered walls, paint splattered floors, and jungle like outdoors, and both have our routines, that I've given the chic name of ritual; sometimes a change in routine is the best thing to bring new energy.

Although we are in the same space everyday, no two days are the same.  Aside from our rituals we do daily, we have the free, vastly open, sacred space where we go with where the day is taking us.  I consider it a blessing to be able to live life this way with my favorite person in the universe everyday. However, some days I need a break in routine

A lot of my daily practice is too important to my soul to just not do, so I like to change around times. On this rainy morning, I didn't set an alarm, I laid in bed and watched the rain and cuddled with the best cuddle pup (Marlowe our black lab) & shared morning giggles with Steve.  I didn't care what time it was, when I would blog or do yoga, and did some walking garden meditation this morning.  It was lovely, and suddenly blogging seemed effortless again.

As I sit here sipping on my coffee, surrounded by greenery, listening to the water break over the rocks, the cardinals, finches, and bluejay sing in melody, and feel the spits of rain making it through the tree covering, I feel inspired again.  I see new inspiration in the same scenery and all it took was a change in routine, maybe even some spoiling so to speak. 

I've been doing so much adult-must-do-to-survive skills lately, that this rainy day of no schedule, no lists, no time watching is the sweet I've been cutting out with ridding sugar again.  Life needs sweet, just as it does bitter.  If life is bringing you endless bitter, make your own sweet y'all.  What do you enjoy?  What sounds heavenly right now?  A massage? A day of no social media, a day of not replying to emails,....  Whatever it is, make space for it.  

Because just as important as it is to go go go do do do..., it's important to pause, snuggle, and breathe.