From idea to flow

Have you ever had a time where you have so many ideas running through your head, that you actually feel a bit tired from all that energy expended in your mind?  That's how I feel right now. Typical me (It's the Vata in me for those who know Ayurveda), just wants to run with every wild idea, and thinks that I can really take them all on.  So often I do attempt every wild idea, because until I try it on and see how it fits, I can't really discern if it's meant for me or not.  

I share this process a lot maybe without going into full detail, because I feel like so many of us have wild ideas, and we think, "oh it's just another one of those," and blow them off. Since I've decided to start trying on a few of these wild ideas; I have found weaving and gardening; two of my favorite things to do right now.  

When your mind won't stop, you do need to practice discernment in what you do pursue; but I think it's just as important to be open to the ideas.  I now try out these ideas, and then ask myself, does this feel aligned with my higher purpose?

"Wait, Hope, how do you know that?" You ask. 

Here's how I've learned to understand it.  If I'm working on something, and I suddenly feel in the flow, while I have an emotional response; such as joy, excitement, amusement, even sometimes fear, then it's probably meant for me.  If I feel the call to it multiple times a week to daily, and I continue to grow the ideas for this particular project, then it's one that sticks. If it's not for me, I will feel it; I will be disconnected to the project, I will loose the spark, or it will simply just repeatedly not work to where I finally realize I'm fighting with a much larger force than myself.  

Another question I've been asked, and know others are thinking, "How do you know what your higher purpose is?"

From my perspective, my higher purpose has revealed itself to me overtime.  I often chased certain things that I thought were my path towards my purpose, and prior to me being in tune with my feelings and intuitions thought I was on the right path, and eventually life came to dramatically steer me elsewhere.  I've come to find my purpose as this: learning to love deeply and pure through caring for Steve, really opening up to all sides of myself, writing about my life in some form everyday (whether journal, book, blog) because writing helps me process life and helps others grow. I need to create things that helps me feel that alive joyful feeling, and continue to grow an eco system in my backyard and work towards my goal of being totally self sustainable one day.  I will continue to be a warrior for our planet, for ALS, and for my freedom to be me.  

Don't be afraid to try things, and if it gives you that feeling of "I have to do this" then follow that feeling.  Don't allow it to become negative, protect it, practice and grow, and really trust your intuition.  It's constantly guiding you, if you just listen.