A little mix of mercury retrograde and life speakings.

This blog is brought to you by Mercury in Retrograde. ;) 

I'm not one to ever try to form someone's faith beliefs.  I may spend a lot of time trying to convince you to buy into climate change, or eat less meat, and probably meditate; but one thing I will not do is tell you what you should believe, in spiritual terms.  I'm so thankful for my upbringing and lessons, and also eternally grateful for the opportunity to make sense of all that I've been taught and determine what works for me.  What do I believe truly and feel connected to.  It may not make sense to every(any)one else; and I'm okay with that, because I'm so sure in what I experience, see, and feel.  So when I write about these experiences know this is personal to me.  If it doesn't align with you at all, it's okay.  We are all allowed to see faith and spirituality our own personal way. Please don't ever feel like you have to be lumped into someone's idea of what God or religion should look like. Feel it, really tune in, if you're interested, and if so maybe you'll resonate with this.

Recently I've come to find myself attracting a lot of teachers in my life.  Some have been beautiful experiences and some felt more like those hard lessons that 2016 was full of.  I have an understanding of how much I am responsible for how my life manifests, but also appreciate how much God plays a role with the unknowns the world brings. 

I've learned a very helpful lesson, which is what we can call the purpose of this scattered blog today. :) 

The more you open yourself up to learning about the world, the more people will bring you their beliefs, experiences, knowledge, "stuff."  Some of it is may be meant for us to take from them, some NOT AT ALL meant for us.  The tricky part is both tend to present themselves in the same light.  Until I was able to actually stop picking everyone's stuff up without thought, I had a hard time seeing what was really my own.  Here I was wearing other people's thoughts, feelings, and beliefs walking around not feeling like I was living in my own skin.  Until one day, I laid everyone else's stuff down, and really felt what I was feeling about all around me; I finally felt my grip on my world.  

The ability to differentiate from what's yours and someone else's doesn't come to everyone with an aging process.  It comes with experience, which I have discovered is how much time one spends turned inwards. When is the last time you've stopped to think about who's stuff you're carrying?  Are you living your own life, or is it one someone else handed to you.   If something feels off to you, pay attention to it.  It's feeling off for a reason.

There's a reason certain feelings come to you through the day.  They aren't for you just to shake off, because you don't have time for them.  If you need to shelf it, sure, but the longer you keep it up there, the more it will come knocking you around.  Those feelings, those frustrations, etc; they are all here to show you something.  To show you what isn't serving YOU.  

So today, as some things came falling off the shelf, crashing me down in tears. I was shown another thing, that isn't serving me well.  Because if you are paying attention, life will help guide you on your path.  Even when the trees come falling on your path, if you are tuned in, you'll be able to step around them with out too much trauma.  

I'm listening.