Still thinking....

I know I sound like a broken record...but I feel that it is something I need to continue to write about because I still see the pattern of people focusing on the negative in their lives, and missing out on so much positive.  Trust me, I of all people know and understand that everyone has bad days.  Trust me I know bad things are happening all around us daily. 

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HOWEVER, if we would stop focusing on all this madness & appreciate the positive around us our worlds could be so different.  Let me give you an example: Yesterday I had a crummy day all around.  Things kept happening one after another that was leading to a worse and worse day but I still had a ton to be thankful for.  I have so many amazing uplifting people in my life that I can go to at any moment and know they are there for me.  Even though, I just wanted yesterday to be over I STILL knew I had so much to be thankful for, and didn't allow myself to get sucked into the everything sucks kind of mood. 


 I am begging EVERYONE that reads this to please please try focus on the positive in your life each day.  Even if it's just being thankful for another day alive, PLEASE try it & notice how much better the quality of your life becomes. 


Also, to everyone who has been signing up & helping out with visiting Steve & bringing him food---a HUGE thank you!  It's so helpful to not only him to keep his spirits raised, but also helps me feel more at ease knowing he has someone there with him each day.  Thank you thank you, I am so grateful for y'all!!!

Lots of love! <3