I was having a moment, but here's how I worked through it.

Yesterday I was having a moment.


A moment where my brain was literally having a hard time processing the amount of darkness so early, I'll adapt it's an amazing gift we've all been given; but the first days of fall backwards are disorienting.


A moment where I realized suddenly the trees have shed enough that I remember I have neighbors.  Before it was funny reminders like hearing my neighbor behind me on the phone say things like, "I always hear my little jungle girl neighbor talking to someone. I thought it was a husband, but when I peaked on her it was the birds, squirrels,and her dogs; like she's snow white.” Because in the deep of spring, you can't see a single neighbor in the backyard. I prefer the funny reminders of neighbors perceptions of me than actually seeing them.


A moment, where I wanted to sit down with all of the world and try my best not to sound self righteous but give everyone a “talking to.”


But here's what turns me around from these moments.  Because yes they are my truths, but I don't have to stay there forever, and I don't want to.


Before I get the messages, “But Hope you have to sit with those moments…”


Trust me honey I sit in them,I take as long as I need to sit in my truth. Trust me I feel these moments, but I sure as hell am not staying past the lesson point.


Here's my top 5 ways to come out of my moments:


  1. Remember I have my health, my voice, my ability to walk, talk, eat, breathe, swallow, dance, paint, scratch an itch, wipe my nose, pee by myself, I really could go on for a while this is just getting started.  Seriously, nothing snaps you out of a moment quicker than watching your amazing soul mate have his moments include panic attacks because his lungs are too clogged to breathe.

  2. Go outside. Seeing neighbors or not, I have so much beauty surrounding me, we all do truly if we have the gift of untouched land, old growth, trees, clean water, etc near us.  Seriously neighbors aren't important when you look through these lenses.

  3. It's going to be okay.  Look.  Shit’s going to get real, but at the end of each day I somehow look at it and no matter what happened I know it's okay.  Sounds strange with our situation but it's just a feeling that I'm so thankful I have.  No seriously I don't care if you think I'm delusional you won't take this one away from me

  4. Create something.  When I'm really working through something let me splatter some paint, and when I'm really trying to get in touch with my light I weave.  Both bring me to the other side of many moments.  That's why they mean so much to me.

  5. Pull out my notebook and write. Even if it's the same sentence over and over until I get it all out. Writing helps process all that is built around these moments, and processing helps me work through them, and get the lesson.


Looking around at social media this week of elections, I see a lot of people having moments. So yes have your moment, but then do your work (whatever it is for you), and get yourself to the other side; where life is lived.