The ocean doesn't stop moving.

"The dark night of the soul comes just before revelation.  When everything is lost, and all seems darkness, then comes the new life and all that is needed." Joseph Campbell

2017 feels different to me, in fact much of the world feels different to me these days.  So many times in 2016, I had big plans for our world, just to have those plans torn apart by something. Over and over again, I would have these waves come crash over me (us), sweeping me (us) off of my(our) feet.  Then having to exert so much energy just to get my feet back on the ground.  It came over and over again, until I finally got it.  

It's a magical life to be able to experience life changing growth together with your partner.  The two of us, cling to each other for dear life as we are tossed around; and as I finally get my feet on solid ground, I can help get Steve there with me. 

"When the world seems to be falling apart, the rule is to hang onto your own bliss.  It's that life that survives."  Joseph Campbell.

Instead of allowing those waves to knock me over, life was teaching me to ride them.  To trust the current, because it was taking us where we needed to go.  The world was falling apart, around us, and in on us; and we hadn't figured out the importance of hanging onto our bliss yet.  Steve would naturally follow me under the current, leaving both of us flailing for air.  

I don't always know how to adequately write on the ways in which my being/doing/acting; is what steers our life.  Steve's so heavily dependent upon me, and our connection is one where when I feel, he feels (when he feels, I feel), and when I respond to those waves in a way leaving us vulnerable to being taken under, Steve follows.

The waves will still come, of course, because that's life; the ocean doesn't stop moving.  I'll just put in the work to aim for riding those waves, instead of letting them crash on top of me.