Self encouragement wins today. <3

I just finished packing before sitting down to write this blog.  Oh, where you going Hope, somewhere fun? 

Nothing fun, but some place essential.  A place I'm super thankful for. Today we are taking Steve to the hospital.  I have a few things to finish up before we go so this will be a short blog.  This will be a blog where I offer myself some encouragement today. 

I would like to say that you're handling this well, Hope, and I'm proud of you.  I do NOT normally handle hospital visits well.  Lots of crying, a bit of screaming, and loads of complaining.  To Steve of all people.  Like he wants to be going there any more than I do.  It's something that I always feel super shitty about upon returning home from every hospital visits.

Processing anything prior to a hospital visit isn't happening while at the hospital.  What is happening a lot of tuning in to Steve to help guide the doctors, a lot of comforting and wiping tears from Steve's eyes, a lot of advocating, and the growth is the most I've experienced in my lifetime.  Hospital visits are holding onto what brings comfort and surviving, for both of us.  

So prior to going in this trip, I would like to take the 15 minutes it's taking me to write this blog to send myself a little self love.  Because WE ALL NEED to be doing that.  In these days more than ever.  So take my cue.  Take 15 minutes today and give yourself a little pat on the back for what you are doing well with in life right now.  YOU DESERVE IT.