Inspire others to motivate themselves

Sometimes all you need is someone to remind you that you are capable, you are good enough, & you are a strong person.  It's so easy to get down on yourself, especially when you are going through something tough in life.  With a diagnosis of ALS, it's almost expected for this to happen, but it didn't just happen to Steve it happened to me too. 

 Being a therapist, I have an understanding that I can't fully help others until I actually help myself.  Since Steve's diagnosis I've been doing things to help my mind to be calmed & my spirit to be filled so I'm able to keep him uplifted.  Along with some amazing friends & family who listen to me pretty much ANYTIME I need to talk (especially my mom--she will ALWAYS answer her phone if I'm calling), I've also had some others reach out to help.  Had a few doctors I work with reach out to offer a place for me to go if I have any questions medically about what we will face.  I had an old professor (thank you Dr. Slattery) mail me some CD's to help aid in meditation & relaxation (which have been wonderful). Also, had an old friend, Bobby reach out & offer to help in any way he could. (He's an experienced Life Coach, and is writing a book on how to focus your energy in a positive way & not get bogged down with the negative, if you're ever in need of some extra inspiration his email is: I've had some very helpful phone chats with him getting some tips on how to focus my thinking to have peace of mind. Church has also been a huge help for both Steve & I, it's amazing the peace I feel walking into our church or even watching it online (which may I add is the best thing ever, if Steve doesn't feel as motivated to get up & moving we can watch online---genius!  And all of you that follow me on here & send me helpful emails!  AMAZING the information I've received from y'all...Thank you thank you!

I don't know if it's the act of people reaching out or the activities that uplift me more, but either way it has all helped immensely! 

So, as I literally mention in every blog, Steve has good days with bad days.  One thing I noticed is that Steve needs reminded that he is an amazing, strong person, & that he is capable of fighting this. It's easy when diagnosed with a debilitating disease to often times feel defeated by the disease, and feel like giving up, but I (along with others) will never give up on Steve, and won't allow him to give up on himself.  After seeing his face & watching how his actions changed after I reminded him last night that he IS a strong person & he CAN beat this. I reminded him of the incredible future we have & how he can't give up on that, and suddenly he knew again that he IS strong enough.

This leads to me to this---MORE people need to hear this.  You never know what someone is going through day to day.  You may notice a change in behavior, you don't see them as much, maybe they are distant...whatever the case may be---that person may need you to reach out to them.  Ask them if there is anything you can do to help, and remind them they are Strong & they ARE important to you.  All they may need to hear is, "I know you are going through a lot, I want you to know I think you are an incredible person, & if you need me, I'm here."  So I'd like to encourage everyone please if you see someone you feel needs uplifted, reach out to them!  One kind word could make the difference. :)  If more people showed support to one another the world would be a better place..but...that's a whole other blog! ;)

Thanks again for everything!  & Lots of Love! <3