Back to the basics

What would you do if there was no one following you?  No Instagram followers, no Facebook posts, and no 140 character tweets?

Would you be different?  More focused?  Try more things?  Would you be less judgmental on yourselves and just do your own thing?  Would you wear that bathing suit and sit in the sunshine soaking it up?  Would you try to dance? Paint? Create?

Getting back to my roots this past weekend reminded me of a simpler time.  A time where I would spend most of my days lost in nature and in my mind.  I didn't care if people thought it was weird that I spent more time with trees than people, and certainly didn't care if something I said was misunderstood by someone on the computer.

I remember when computers were introduced because my mom sold them.  They were a tool, she explained that would help us feel more connected to the outside world.  Well, I didn't want to be connected at that time.  I was perfectly happy being lost in the mountains and trees.  I was okay with who I was, and it didn't dawn on me that it was abnormal to want to be alone rather than with people.

Now, I have the same fondness for being alone and doing my own thing, thankfully.  I also have that fondness with connecting with those around me, and sometimes the balance is a tricky thing.  How much do I share to be able to make the impact I intend to make?  How much does the feedback I get influence what I post?  How much do I allow that person who doesn't agree with me, sway my way of thinking?

Being back in nature this weekend awoke something inside of me, that I was slowly loosing to the social media world.  So back to the basics of doing what makes me, me.  Spending more time in nature, and in the presence of actual people.  More time creating, less time comparing.  My most creative times come when I unplug and just let the divine flow through me.  When I am just me, that's when I make the most impact. No more feeling like I have to compete to get more likes, more followers, or more support.  I am supported and loved and those that feel that way, do so because I am just me.  Not some girl on the internet.

Having a strong social media presence will still be important for Steve and I.  However, it will be on our own terms again.  Back to the basics when being me, didn't mean posting things just for likes.  The things I post I want to come from my heart.  From the part of me that wakes up when I'm with the trees and things that excite me.

How are you letting social media take away from the gift that is YOU?  Is it holding you back?  Are you afraid of the negative feedback that might come from just being?

What happens when you let that go?  Be you, the you that isn't being watched by hundreds to thousands of people, and remember that you IS ENOUGH.